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Paradise Park Ventures

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Alex Alexander

CIO, Fund Manager

Alex Alexander is a driven Investment Specialist with a proven track record of success in identifying undervalued, niche markets. He employs expert online marketing strategies to gain early access to the most lucrative investment opportunities before they hit the market.

With his expertise in Fintech and Property Management Technology, Alex currently manages 50 income-producing properties in Hawaii, generating a remarkable $30,000 per month in passive income. His investment group has seen tremendous growth, turning a $285k investment into a $1.5mm valuation.

Alex is an active member of professional organizations such as Vistage, ACG, and IFS Black Card. He also hosts The High Performer’s Podcast and is the founder of The Performinomics Newsletter. He recently led the acquisition of 20 acres for a commercial RV park development and manages $2.5mm in AUM, distributing roughly $30,000 per month among his equity partners.

With his exceptional track record, investors can trust Alex to deliver exceptional returns and drive their financial goals forward.

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